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2014 Kitchen Trends | Wilmington Real Estate

Whether it serves as the work space for a home chef, the main stage for home entertaining or just an afternoon homework space, your kitchen is the center of the home. This year is full of fantastic ideas to improve this space and make it the best use of your space. Check out our list of 2014 kitchen trends below in order to make your own space better for now and for the future.

Wilmington Kitchen Design Trends
Photo by Susan Serra

Open Concept Kitchens

Restaurants keep their kitchens hidden, but most people like household kitchens that are open and inviting. This gives families another room to make good use of and allows food lovers to entertain guests in the kitchen. Maximize kitchen space by placing common eyesores like microwaves and dishwashers under counter-tops or behind cabinets.

Countertop Changes

Granite countertops have been popular for years, but quartz is the new favored material because of its durability and design. Quartz countertops repel spills, do not scratch or chip easily, and offer a polished, contemporary look.

Green Kitchens

Environmental consciousness is not a passing fad and eco-friendly appliances and materials are becoming the new standard in kitchens. Energy efficient refrigerators and water saving dishwashers are great for both buyers and sellers. Government subsidies exist to cover the cost of eco-friendly projects for sellers, and these improvements will result in lower utility bills for buyers. Environmentally safe products and recycled materials are also being used for style as floors, countertops and cabinets.

Paint Colors

Neutral colored appliances and countertops can be offset by intriguing wall colors. Paint one or two walls to give the room appeal without going overboard. Colors such as deep reds, browns and blues are fashionable choices that will also hide messes.

Information For Sellers

Getting your home ready to sell might not be as hard as you think if your home is new or you have been updating over the years. Home trends are not like fashion trends that are hot one second and cold the next. Trends move slowly when it comes to kitchens and the rest of the house, and you might not need much upkeep if the majority of your kitchen is less than 10-15 years old. If your style is a little dated but not ancient, focus on simple adjustments and embellishments. Additionally, prospective homeowners can overlook some imperfections if the appliances are high quality.

Information For Buyers

New homeowners usually have a specific vision of how they want their home to look and can get carried away with nitpicking and comparing houses to the dream homes in their heads. Focus on the essentials instead of getting bogged down in little details that can be fixed later. The most important aspects of the kitchen are major appliances in good condition, proper piping and ensuring that you are comfortable with the current design. You should be able to see your family using the kitchen for many years without having to make huge functional or stylistic renovations.

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