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Monthly Archives: August 2014

    What Our Website Can Do For You

    By Keith Beatty | August 26, 2014

    Whether you are simply browsing around or you’re in the market to buy a piece of Wilmington real estate, with thousands of available listings in the area you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed. In today’s blog post we’ll explore a few of the ways that our website and its search technology make your Wilmington... Read More

    Evaluate Your Needs as a Home Buyer

    By Keith Beatty | August 19, 2014

    If it has been years or decades since you purchased your current home, your needs and priorities have almost certainly changed – perhaps significantly. This begs the question: what type of homebuyer are you now? Below we’ll share a few different home buying scenarios and some considerations you’ll need to make before buying a home... Read More

    Benefits of Buying Full Cash

    By Keith Beatty | August 18, 2014

    Are you thinking of buying a new home here in Wilmington? If you have the means, there’s nothing better than paying full cash to purchase a piece of real estate. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of buying property with cash instead of obtaining mortgage financing. Forget Having to Deal with a Mortgage... Read More

    How to Buy the Lifestyle

    By Keith Beatty | August 18, 2014

    Whether you’re looking to make an upgrade to a larger house or you’re moving in to the Wilmington area for the first time, one of your major considerations should be how your new home can usher in a better lifestyle for yourself and your family. In this blog post we’ll share a few tips on... Read More

    Why You Deserve to Make the Move Up

    By Keith Beatty | August 5, 2014

    Whether you’re tripping over the kids every time you turn around or you’ve simply decided that your current home is starting to get a little stale, it may be time to make the move up to a larger home. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that you’re ready to make the jump and that your... Read More

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