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Are You (Subconsciously) Afraid of Selling in Wilmington, NC?

Have you ever found yourself on the verge of listing your home for sale, only to back out at the last second? It usually begins with a feeling of doubt. You worry about how much you can sell for and how fast it can be bought. Then the tiniest details begin to irritate you – like when to sell and which house items you should fix. In the end, you hesitate. You become indecisive and begin to miss opportunities that were perfect for selling.

Between our success-oriented culture and the need to make a profit, we don’t give much thought on how success can be scary. We know we should sell our house now and we know how much we need to make, but our subconscious fear continues to drive us into “stupid” mistakes. So, how do you extinguish that fear?

Wilmington NC Selling Home

Acknowledge it. By admitting your fear, it will ironically calm you down. Head to a real estate agent’s office and have a casual talk about selling your home. Any qualified agent will help you eliminate any hesitations about selling your house – even if the time isn’t now. They can show you how the real estate market is doing at the moment and where it’s expected to go in the coming year. They can show you what similar homes sell for and how long it takes. And they can offer advice on how to make your home more “sellable.”

Today’s Real Estate Market: Is it Time to Sell?

With the recent recovery of the national economy and real estate’s resurgence into the market, home values have drastically risen in the last couple years. With renewed confidence, many homeowners are beginning to see an opportunity to make a return investment on their properties. If you’d like to see how your home compares to the local market, contact us and we’d be happy to send you a report.

How We Can Help

If you’re looking for a frank and open conversation about selling your house, contact one of our agents with the Keith Beatty Team. If you’re worried about your home’s value and how much you can sell for, we’ll show you a comparative market analysis detailing possible estimates. If you have a unique timeframe, we can discuss creative solutions to meeting your demands. Whatever the challenge, our agents are willing to work with you.

See what other services the Keith Beatty Team provides in our free listing presentation:
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