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    How to Buy the Lifestyle

    Whether you’re looking to make an upgrade to a larger house or you’re moving in to the Wilmington area for the first time, one of your major considerations should be how your new home can usher in a better lifestyle for yourself and your family. In this blog post we’ll share a few tips on focus more on improving your lifestyle when you buy a house or condo, and less on the features of the home itself.

    How to Buy the Lifestyle

    What Do You Value Most in Your Community?

    When you buy a home in a new city or neighborhood it means uprooting from a local community that has become a part of your life. Spend some time thinking about what aspects or your community that you can’t envision living without. Are you very close with your neighbors? If so you may prefer a suburban community like Leland or Hampstead which are lovely residential communities with quick access to the city. Perhaps you prefer the peace and quiet of the outdoors, in which case a very small beach community might be a better fit.

    Guide to Buying a Home

    Think About Places You Regularly Visit

    As a homeowner and a resident of a community, you’re far more likely to enjoy where you live if you’re not stuck having to drive all over town on a regular basis. ‘Walkability’ is one of the most important aspects in many homeowner surveys, so give some thought to the places that you regularly shop or visit. Do you enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables from local markets? Or perhaps you love swimming and prefer to be close to a local pool? Do you want to be able to wake up and have your morning coffee on the sandy beach? Whatever your passions, buying the lifestyle means meeting your needs by buying the right home in the right location.

    Where Will You be Working?

    Few individuals wake up every day excited at the prospects of another commute in to work. The closer you’re able to live to your office or workplace, the better off you will be. Of course, this needs to be balanced with the rest of your lifestyle and your goals – if you work in downtown Wilmington but really want to live on the beach, you may be willing to deal with the commute as a compromise.

    Don’t Forget About the Kids

    If you have children – or if you’re planning to have them – don’t forget to factor in their needs to your decision as well. Studies show that children are healthier when they live within walking distance to their school and to nearby amenities like sports fields. Aim for a quieter area of Wilmington where you’ll can rest assured that your children are safe playing outdoors and making the trek to school on foot.

    Whether you want to live in Wilmington proper or you feel that a waterfront community like Wrightsville Beach is a better fit, we can help. Contact the Keith Beatty Team today at (910) 509-1924 and we’ll be happy to introduce you to the relaxing, enjoyable lifestyle here in Wilmington.

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