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What Buyers Love About New Construction Homes

Why Buyers Prefer New Construction

Wilmington and its surrounding area has many beautiful historic residential areas and well-established neighborhoods, but with a growing community comes a growing need for more homes. Thus, new construction has exploded in Wilmington and many home buyers are excited for the opportunity to explore purchasing a newly built home. While everyone has their own primary reason for choosing new construction over an existing home, below are six of the top reasons that home buyers prefer a newly built home.

1. A More Modern Feel.  Home buyers who are considering new construction listed modern features as their number one reason for choosing a new build over an existing home. Many buyers are looking for a home that they can move into and immediately love. They don’t want projects or desire to spend additional money on changing the features of an existing home to reflect their modern tastes. These buyers prefer the modern feel of a new home. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider exploring new homes in the area.

2. Freedom for Creativity.  Second on the list of top reasons buyers prefer new construction is the ability to customize the home before it is fully constructed. If you’ve decided to build your next home, you probably are excited to customize everything to your taste. Many new construction homes allow home buyers to choose finishing and other features of the home before it is completed. Customizing a home requires alot of time and decision making, and it isn’t for everyone. But if you are someone who likes to start with a blank slate and create a home that speaks to your personality, new construction is a great option for creating your dream home.

3. Less Upkeep.  Oftentimes, older homes require more maintenance and repairs. Nothing lasts forever, so when buying an existing home you  expect to replace certain large budget items (such as air conditioning units or roofs) sooner than you would if the home was new. The appeal of not needing as much maintenance or repairs when purchasing a new construction home is one of the main reasons buyers choose new over existing homes.

4. Modern Construction Standards. Another great reason that buyers want new homes is the modern construction standards that new homes must meet. These standards help keep energy costs down, are better for the environment and are a positive asset for resale value in the future. The idea of a home being held to the most modern standards makes buyers feel more secure and proactive.

5. Being The First. Some home buyers love the idea of being the first and only people to ever live in the home. While this isn’t as important as customization, maintenance concerns, modern standard or modern features, it is something home buyers find appealing.

6. Proximity To Other New Homes.  Many new construction homes are built in new neighborhoods, and the idea of living near other new homes is attractive to  home buyers. There are many reasons for this including resale value when it comes time to sell the home and the allure of a new community.

If these reasons for buying a new construction home appeal to you, be sure you explore this option during the home buying process and take a look at Wilmington’s new homes!

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