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    Why You Deserve to Make the Move Up

    Whether you’re tripping over the kids every time you turn around or you’ve simply decided that your current home is starting to get a little stale, it may be time to make the move up to a larger home. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that you’re ready to make the jump and that your lifestyle will improve because of it. In this post we’ll take a look at a few questions you can ask yourself to justify the upgrade to a more spacious, luxurious new home.

    Why You Deserve to Make the Move Up

    Assess Your Current Space – Is There Enough?

    The primary reason that homeowners need to upgrade their homes is due to a lack of space, which can cramp a family’s collective lifestyle and lead to an incredible amount of stress. Take a look around your current home – is there enough living space for everyone to enjoy? Do you continually feel cramped? If you have children, do you have a full-sized yard where they can play and enjoy the outdoors? Think about more than metrics like square footage – does it feel like the house is bursting at the seams?
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    Will Your Lifestyle Improve?

    Having a house with twice the space won’t matter much to you and your family if your quality of life suffers because of your move. Consider the things that you like – and dislike – about your current home. Look outside of your house to the surrounding community and the amenities that you make use of on a regular basis. While some communities may be worth a little bit longer of a drive. For example, a change from working and living in downtown Wilmington to working and commuting from Porters Neck Plantation may result in a longer drive, but the change in priorities and/or amenities provided may be worth the extra miles in the long run.

    Are You Prepared Financially?

    Purchasing a new piece of real estate will mean making a financial investment in your future, so it’s critical that you assess whether or not you’re prepared financially. If your current home is mortgage-free, how much will the sale of it contribute to the cost of your new home? If you’re making a substantial upgrade, there may be a substantial price gap that you’ll need to cover. Give some thought to what your budget looks like and where you may be willing to make a move if you find the right property.

    What About Your Family?

    Don’t forget to ask the opinions of your loved ones to see how they feel about the prospect of moving to a larger, more luxurious home. Will it mean more or less of a commute for your spouse? Are you children going to have to switch schools, or will they be closer to the schools they already attend? Be ready with the answers that they need to ensure that they’re on board with making a move.

    When you’re ready to discuss upgrading your home to improve your lifestyle, the Keith Beatty Team is ready to help. Contact us at your convenience at (910) 509-1924 or if you prefer, you can click here to email us via our contact form. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to assisting you with an exciting new real estate upgrade!

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