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Airlie Forest – Wilmington, NC

Airlie Forest is a Wilmington, NC neighborhood that is very attractive to people for a number of reasons. The biggest reason people enjoy calling this area their home is due to its proximity to a number of beautiful attractions. People who live here are in very close proximity to the ocean, parks and a number of trails and golf courses.

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The schools in this area are top notch, and consist of plentiful options, including Chase High School, Harris Elementary School and Forrest Hunt Elementary School. People looking to buy property in the area might be attracted to the neighborhood for these reasons.

What can I expect?

This is a suburban area with plenty of land. People have the options to either buy an existing home or can just as easily purchase some land and build a home from scratch. The property values in Airlie Forest are very rich, so people looking to build luxury homes have come to enjoy it. Whether you are looking to join the country club or take a leisurely stroll down to the beach, you will have a good time with your Airlie Forest property.

Wilmington, agency as a whole is considered a very attractive place for people in North Carolina on the East Coast. This area is known for the lush beaches and scenic attractions. What are you enjoying nature, sports or outdoor life, Wilmington has something to offer. People come from all over the East Coast to settle down in Wilmington.

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Additionally, Wilmington is also a rare gem when it comes to the entertainment industry. Don’t most people think of Hollywood when the big movies and TV, Wilmington is actually a third-place city behind Los Angeles and New York when it comes to television and movies.


Whether you are a working person, a young professional, and entrepreneur or someone looking to settle down and raise a family or enjoy your retirement, you will get a lot of joy out of both Wilmington and this neighborhood.

The area is rich with opportunity and is a highly educated area. There are a number of colleges and universities in the area for people to attend, and it has a small town vibe with all of the accommodations will come to expect from a big city.

You can get a good bit of land in Wilmington without having to pay an arm and a leg. North Carolina has a whole has tremendous property value, so any investment you will make will be returned to you tenfold. Whether you want to find a sleek condo or build a sprawling mansion on the hills. You can do that and more in this neighborhood.

Since you’re close to the beach, you can also shop around for vacation properties if you are not a local. Many people enjoy Airlie Forest and Wilmington and continue to live and do business here. With all of the picturesque accommodations, it is no wonder that people continuously enjoy the area and shop for homes in Airlie Forest.

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