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Autumn Hall – Wilmington, NC


Autumn Hall is a neighborhood located in the city of Wilmington, North Carolina. Autumn Hall is covers 236 acres of land located near the coastal area of North Carolina. The land was purchased in the 1950s, at a time when construction of suburban developments were at an all-time high.

Residents of Autumn Hall have access to some of the great amenities located throughout the city. The population of Autumn Hall is estimated at 500 households.

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There are numerous schools located in the Autumn Hall neighborhood. Students can either attend College Park, JJ Blair, Eaton, or Bradley Creek Elementary School. Wilmington Preparatory Academy is also located nearby. For Junior High students, the Roland-Griese Middle School and Willston Middle School are located close by.

New Hanover High School is located 4 miles away from the neighborhood. There are several private schools at every educational level located nearby.

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Residents of Autumn Hall have easy access to the nearby Mayfaire Town Center. The Mayfaire Town Center is home to many stores and restaurants. Among some of the restaurants located within the center inclue On The Border, Chick-Fil-A, Panera Bread, and Ruby Tuesday. Some of the stores located at Mayfaire include Men’s Wearhouse, Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Verizon Wireless, and Pier 1 Imports among others.

Outdoor & Indoor Activities

Since Wilmington is located on the coast of North Carolina, there is never a short supply of beaches. The nearest beach is Wrightsville Beach, located just a mile and a half away from Autumn Hall. Autumn Hall Lake is a great place for residents to go fishing, canoeing, and getting together for a group outing.

Also located nearby is Bradley Creek. The creek is another popular spot for anglers and water enthusiasts alike. For the joggers, hikers, and walkers, Autumn Hall has a large number of trails. Many of these trails are connected to Wrightsville Beach.

What Is The Area Like?

Autumn Hall is a quaint neighborhood that is nestled within a coastal city. Since it is located in the city, it’s usually a hustle and bustle atmosphere. Dunganon Village, located within the neighborhood, has that small town feel everyone looks for. During the summer months, people would often flock to the Wilmington area to visit the beach.

Why Is It A Great Place To Live?

Autumn Hall is a small neighborhood located within a big town. Living in a big city means having access to a lot of amenities, even if it has to be outside of the neighborhood. The population of Wilmington is over 106,000 people and the climate consists of very warm summers and mild winters. Autumn Hall is a great place if you like living near the coast.

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