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Figure Eight Island Real Estate

This visually stunning setting in North Carolina offers residents and vacationers the opportunity to experience life in paradise.

With miles of beaches with white sand and peaceful nature trails full of greenery, Figure Eight provides visitors the joy of surreal escape, blue waters, and beautifully luxurious homes to buy or for rent.

Even more, this gated community not only offers privacy but is also just minutes away from the vivid scenes downtown. With sprawling terrain and limited outside traffic, Figure Eight is also the perfect destination for raising families with kids or just for a long anticipated getaway filled with inspiration.

Cuisine around Figure Eight Island

Although you might be excited to get away from the pace of city life, your taste buds do not have to make the same sacrifice. Figure Eight Island boasts a high quality cuisine experience that caters to various favorites.

For example, there are many reputable seafood restaurants that serve up platters similar to Italian flavors while other spots draw in eager fans of sizzling barbecue.

From Asian tastes to hearty Mexican courses, Figure Eight is sure to make every family member or friend a happy guest.

Things to do and see around Figure Eight Island

If you are looking to take a short break from the walking bare feet in the mounds of soft sand and relaxing on the beach, there are plenty of activities to do that will keep you and your family satisfied.

Never miss the latest blockbuster film just because you are on vacation. Figure Eight is minutes away from a state of the art-house cinema that shows the most popular and newest films.

Let Mom and Dad try out or hone their golfing skills by joining the golf club. With stunning playing fields, guests will be sure to find themselves occupied for hours of continuous competitive fun.

For the water sport fans, anything from kayaking to surfing the biggest waves, swimming, or taking a yacht out in the middle of the ocean can easily be done here at Figure Eight Island.

Other activities include:

  • Satisfy your shopping appetite with different centers and malls that deliver all the best and haute couture names in style.
  • Visit Cape Fear Museum and its impressive collection of science and history.
  • Because Figure Eight Island maintains a lot of its original condition, it is perfect for wildlife watching.

If you are looking to establish a home in this prestigious community, time is not to waste. Because Figure Eight prides itself on its secure and limited community, available properties are in high demand. The gorgeous homes are often multiple stories high with spacious rooms and additional features.


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