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New Construction Homes in Wilmington, NC Learn About New Construction Developments Around Wilmington, NC!

Wilmington NC New Construction Homes


Imagine the home you’d like to live in. Chances are that picture runs one of two ways — either of a traditional house that bears some resemblance to your childhood or to something newer, more contemporary. No matter what idea you have in your head, new construction in Wilmington will probably have a home-site for you. Typically, new construction homes have many incentives for buyers, which could range from modern floor plans that fit your needs to energy efficient appliances. But the main appeal is the newness. People love being the first homeowner of the house, and there’s something to be said about decorating a home to your liking (rather than adjusting to what a previous homeowner accomplished).

This guide will look at the pros and cons between new construction/pre-owned homes. It will highlight which neighborhoods are currently offering new construction real estate. And we’ll show you how The Keith Beatty Team can help you find the right home you’ve been picturing for a long time.

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New Construction Homes – Pros

  • Modern, up-to-date amenities
  • Flexibility with floor plan design
  • Come with home warranties
  • Cheaper to maintain and operate
  • It is brand new

New Construction Homes – Cons

  • Sometimes feature cookie cutter designs
  • Little negotiating room on price
  • Don’t have that historic charm
  • May have to deal with HOA rules/fees
  • Location could be farther away from city

Pre-Owned Homes – Pros

  • More homes to choose from
  • Contains a unique charm & character
  • Typically closer to city centers
  • Prices easier to negotiate than new homes
  • You have a record of any home issues

Pre-Owned Homes – Cons

  • Possibly more maintenance for upkeep
  • Less energy efficient = higher utility bills
  • Floor plan design may not match your needs
  • May have outdated appliances and amenities
  • It’s decorated by someone else

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Wilmington NC New Construction Neighborhoods

Our Featured Communities:

Tarin Woods Homes for SaleTarin Woods

Featuring 14 unique floor plans to choose from, this wonderful community is at the top of our list for places to move to. With plans to bring the “finest of Southern Living” to the Wilmington area, builders have incorporated elements like cozy front porches to enjoy the Carolina weather, designer landscaping, and spacious living areas every member of the family can enjoy. There are plenty of opportunities to customize your home the way you want.

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Spartina Homes for SaleSpartina

Spartina is second on our list because it offers a great alternative to home living. As a luxury townhome community, you can find properties that will put you in walking distance of restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and everything else. The added incentive to Spartina is that it’s only a half mile from Wrightsville Beach, giving you unlimited access to the sands and water. If you want to enjoy the lifestyle people come here for, then start looking in Spartina.

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Compass Pointe Homes for SaleCompass Pointe

Compass Pointe is the last neighborhood on our list for featured communities, but it doesn’t come short on the amenities list. Though the neighborhood is located a bit outside of the Wilmington area, it does offer something unique from the other areas: Land. Most properties have close to a half acre of land, which provides ample space for the kids to play in the yard. Also, if you’re more of a land explorer than water enthusiast, this is a great neighborhood to choose.

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wilmington nc real estate


Wilmington’s Property Tax Rate: 0.45

New Hanover County Tax Rate: 0.554

Total Property Tax: 1.004

Example: $300k House = $3,012 (in property taxes)


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Q: Are new construction homes more expensive than older homes?

A: Typically, a new construction home will be cheaper than a pre-owned home (on average). Obviously there are factors that could differentiate that statement, but overall, you’ll find a better deal with a new construction home. In addition, new construction homes feature more energy efficient amenities/appliances, saving you money in utility bills and keeping you from spending money to fix appliances.

Q: What is the best attribute about new construction homes?

A: In my opinion, I think the best feature about a new construction home is the newness. Essentially, you have a blank slate to decorate and customize to your heart’s desire. You’re not inheriting someone else’s design or problem. You are making your house your home, basically.

Q: Will new construction homes increase in value once I buy one?

A: With current market trends that I’m seeing, I would say: “Yes, your home’s value will increase over the next few years.” Again, it depends on how you maintain your home’s condition and when you decide to sell. But overall, new construction homes increase in value, gaining you equity in the property. There’s no doubt that a new home is a good investment.



Now that you have a better perspective to the advantages of buying a new construction home, you can start searching for properties. You can either use our customized search bar (above) or you can view our featured listings (below). If you have any questions about buying a new construction home, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.


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