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Waterford Real Estate

Waterford, Leland, NC

Waterford, Leland, NC homes for sale are located right outside of Wilmington, NC. Waterford is an area known for its beautiful shorelines, sailing, fishing, kayaking, pools, fitness centers, fine dining, shopping boutiques and more. Minutes from Wilmington, NC, it offers the most beautiful sunrises in the world, quaint southern charm, and beaches such as Wrightsville Beach, NC and Carolina Beach, NC.

It also offers garden parties, the Azalea Festival, the USS North Carolina Battleship, and Waterford Village Shops. In Waterford residents also find a unique blend of sunlight, southern living, unbelievable coastal sunrises and sunsets, along with some of the best music, performing arts, and culture known to the region.

The home style hospitality, friendly shops, restaurants, and community are full of southern charm and exposure. The homes are truly one of a kind and offer coastal living at its finest. The communities are friendly, welcoming, and a shoreline and southern breeze that signifies what North Carolina and Waterford are famous for.

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Waterford, Leland, NC Attractions

USS North Carolina Battleship

An icon of history from World War II, the USS North Carolina Battleship, is a reminder of history long gone, but not forgotten. Serving as a proud reminder of the North Carolina patriotic spirit that lives on through the culture today, the battleship stands today as a memorial to the service of gallant young men who served their country. Several events exist at the battleship during the year, including the Easter egg hunt and spring carnival, battleship blast, legacy series, ghost ship, and Halloween bash.

Waterford Village Shops

Waterford Village Shops offer patrons a unique experience of events such as meet the author at local bookstores, art shows, jewelry artists, florists, wine and cheese, and clothing shops. The Waterford Village shops also hosts events, such as the Fall Festival, which features entertainments, art shows, food, face painting and business expos.

Blues and Jazz Music Festival

Waterford Village Shops have also been known to feature events such as the Blues and Jazz Music Festival, which features a day of fantastic music, wine and cheese tasting.

Azalea Festival

The Azalea Festival is an annual event that has taken place for the last 67 years, and is one of the best southern parties residents will attend. The artwork, gardens and southern culture at this event are second to none. The festival includes a festival queen competition that began in 1948, a circus, garden tour, and much more.

Waterford Community Involvement

Waterford is also known for its renowned farmer’s markets, where residents will find fresh vegetables, fruit, flowers, home-made jam, and home-baked goods. It is a day to stock the shelves with some of the best tasting, home grown vegetables and fruits in the state.

Getting to know each other is what southern living is all about. With that in mind community food drives hosted by Waterford Village Shops, includes the community and creates an attitude of giving.

Rather the community is coming together for festivals, community giving drives, or voting for the best Waterford florist, it offers friendship, and a style of living welcoming and rewarding to long time and new residents. The Waterford and its fashionable shops are southern living at its finest.

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