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Sunset Park – Wilmington, NC

Sunset Park is among the hottest residential destinations in North Carolina, with beautiful sights, a uniquely advantageous location, and a rich history to explore.

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Sunset Park, Wilmington recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, as the picturesque residential area — which is designated as a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places — was founded in 1912.

Over the course of the past century, Sunset Park has established a reputation as a point of interest for those in North Carolina and well beyond, with “snowbirds” from New England often passing time in Sunset Park while avoiding harsh northern winters.

A Rich History in Sunset Park

Because of the relatively recent founding of Sunset Park, the history of the area is well documented. Looking back upon the establishment of the area provides insight into much simpler times; for example, the entire 600-acre tract of land upon which Sunset Park is established was sold for just $35,000, a jaw-dropping bargain considering what the area eventually developed into. In addition, the name Sunset Park was chosen based on a contest for submissions, with the prize-winning entry entitled to the sum of $10.


One of the most impressive historic aspects of Sunset Park is the stunning architecture that is a point of interest for residents and visitors alike. Because the residence was developed over a half-century period, diverse arrays of beautiful architectural styles are represented.

From Cape Cod-style residences to Queen Anne and Colonial Revival homes, walking through the streets of Sunset Park can almost seem like a life-sized trip through a museum exhibit. Stunning visuals greet visitors around every corner, with gabled construction, bay windows, wrap-around porches and impressive decorative brick patterning.

Parks and Recreation

Despite its status as a historical attraction, Sunset Park is not simply a place for day-visits or field trips. In fact, Sunset Park is quite the livable area, with well-run schools, top-notch medical centers, public transportation, and more. Additionally, because Sunset Park is technically in Wilmington, residents of Sunset Park enjoy the services that the city provides for all of its residents.

The community enjoys plenty of natural beauty, with views of Greenfield Lake and the Cape Fear River. In addition, the location in Wilmington puts residents close to the beautiful beaches of the North Carolina coast. Wilmington is one of the most-visited destinations in North Carolina, with large stretches of clean, sandy beaches and pristine waters. This provides a variety of opportunities for lovers of the outdoors to go boating, fishing, surfing, play water sports or simply relax on the beach.

While Sunset Park is a self-contained historical neighborhood, it is close enough to downtown Wilmington to enjoy the resources the city provides. From schools to shopping to dining and other entertainment, Wilmington has plenty of attractions for those in Sunset Park, making the neighborhood the best of both worlds.

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