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Windemere – Wilmington, NC

Living in Windemere is a great opportunity for families who simply want to enjoy the best that Wilmington, NC has to offer to them. Think about the different ways that you could enjoy living your life here as you browse through some of the amenities.

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The greater city of Wilmington is beginning to cultivate a reputation for being one of the most popular family locations out there. The reason won’t be hard to see if you opt to buy a property in the Windemere neighborhood.

There are quite a few people who have become interested in living in this seaside community, because it can provide quite a few different advantages.

Local Amenities In Windemere

When you move to this neighborhood, you will immediately notice that there is a tranquility like you can find nowhere else. The local residents do their best to maintain their properties and keep a quiet atmosphere throughout the neighborhood.

A fair amount of people will be interested in reading through some of the bylaws for owning a home in the neighborhood. This helps keep up appearances in the community and maintain property values for everyone. The neighborhood is located near a golf resort, so you will have convenient access to all of the benefits that that can provide to you.

Schools In The Greater Wilmington Area

Since you will be located in the city of Wilmington, your family will have access to some of its highly regarded schools. If you have younger children, you may want to think about sending them to the Walter L. Parsley Elementary School.

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Older kids will be able to head to the Eugene Ashley High School or the John T. Hoggard High School. All of these options will link you up with some world class teachers and educators. Older kids may want to think about going to the University of North Carolina – Wilmington campus.

This is a highly regarded public institution, with many different types of degree options.

Cultural Opportunities To Explore

Much of the character of Wilmington is derived from its status as a popular beach side resort community. This is often reflected in the local arts scene, which draws in a lot of support from the city. You could opt to check out the Wilmington Art Show, which is held annually on Thanksgiving weekend.

Many people also enjoy hearing the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra, which was organized in 1971. There are also quite a few different cultural museums in the area, such as the Cape Feat Museum of History and Science.

Top Quality Restaurants In Wilmington

A major draw for this community is the selection of restaurants that it offers. Since the city is a tourist destination, there will be many diverse and eclectic restaurants to try out. Think about going to the Pilot House Restaurant if you want to try local seafood dishes.

The Indochine Restaurant serves up exotic Thai dishes, which are proving to be very popular. The Dixie Grill is another highly touted establishment, serving up some classic Southern favorites.

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